Policy and Advocacy

Advancing Change through Research and Policy Analysis

At Sworld Social, we recognize the importance of advocacy, research and policy analysis in driving global change. Our Policy and Research is committed to advancing research initiatives, conducting policy analysis, and providing valuable insights to various organizations, institutions, and governments around the world.

We are proud of our partnerships with higher institutions and universities, and our collaborative efforts have yielded impactful results in the realm of global change.

Policy and Advocacy

Our Approach to Research

A Collaborative Approach to Research

At Sworld, we believe that research is at the forefront of driving sustainable development and social change. Our approach to research involves collaboration with high institutions and universities, NGOs, and research centers to tackle complex global issues.

We are committed to promoting innovation, using cutting-edge research techniques, and fostering multidisciplinary collaborations to achieve our goals.

Policy Analysis

Shaping Policy for a Better Future

Providing Evidence-Based Analysis for Effective Policy Change

At Sworld, we believe that policy analysis is a critical tool for driving social change. Our policy analysis program provides evidence-based analysis, research, and recommendations for policymakers, NGOs, and other organizations around the world.

We are committed to promoting effective policy change that advances sustainable development and creates a better future for all.