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Daily miniseries hosted on Sworldlb Youtube channel, starting Monday 29th of April, Stay tuned
Daily miniseries hosted on Sworldlb Youtube channel, starting Monday 29th of April, Stay tuned
Starting Monday, the 29th of April at 8pm. A daily miniseries hosted on The Beirut Banyan podcast & Sworld (@sworldlb) Research Hub’s YouTube channel. Including intergenerational conversations & roundtable discussions on social work in Lebanon. Hosted by Aimee Ghanem - founder of Sworld. Stay tuned!!! سلسلة فيديوهات قصيرة على قناة يوتيوب الخاصة بيروت بانيان بودكاست ومبادرة SWorld لأبحاث العمل الاجتماعي. يتضمن ذلك حوارات بين الأجيال، ومناقشات طاولة مستديرة حول العمل الاجتماعي في لبنان. استضافة ايمي غانم - مؤسسة Sworld تابعونا!
Intergenerational dialogue
Intergenerational dialogue
Intergenerational dialogue activity where Pioneer Social Workers share their wisdom and experiences with the younger generation of Social Workers, fostering collaboration, mentorship, and a vibrant exchange of ideas."
Round table events
Round table events
A round table discussion among Professional Social Workers aiming to explore the historical evolution of social work in Lebanon, discuss the implications of international collaborations, and explore strategies to uphold professional standards amidst societal changes.

Our Vision

Sworld vision is to guide Social Work practice in Lebanon to contribute to a more substantial impact on social and public policy.

Our Mission

Our mission is to connect the Social Work profession's historical roots with its future trajectory. Sworld aims to preserve and document the history and evolution of Social Work in Lebanon, inform current practices, inspire policy reform, and enhance the capacity of Social Workers. Thus, fostering a community of practice that is informed and committed to the principles of social justice.

Our Aims

Preserving the Social Work History:

"Compiling and preserving the history of social work in Lebanon. Our efforts include archiving professional practices, social institutions, training programs, and evolving social policies."

Enhancing Impact of the Social Work Practice:

"We connect a diverse network of social work professionals, academics, and policymakers to share knowledge and tackle the sector's challenges collectively, enhancing the practice's effectiveness.”

Capacity Building:

" Enhance the capacities of individuals and organizations in the social work field. We provide mentoring, coaching, empowering professionals in the field."

Advocacy and Collaborations:

" Advocate for the interests of social workers and their beneficiaries, promoting policies that enhance the practice. Thus, fostering collaboration among practitioners, academics, institutions, and policymakers"

Get Involved

We invite you to share your insights and experiences with us. Whether it's photos, personal narratives, expert knowledge, or innovative ideas for content and research, your contributions significantly enrich Sworld resources. Please connect with us at [email protected] to discuss how we can incorporate your valuable input into our initiatives

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