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Intergenerational dialogue
Intergenerational dialogue
Intergenerational dialogue activity where Pioneer Social Workers share their wisdom and experiences with the younger generation of Social Workers, fostering collaboration, mentorship, and a vibrant exchange of ideas."
Round table events
Round table events
A round table discussion among Professional Social Workers aiming to explore the historical evolution of social work in Lebanon, discuss the implications of international collaborations, and explore strategies to uphold professional standards amidst societal changes.
Social work E-library
Social work E-library
E-library archive project dedicated to documenting and preserving the history and evolution of Social Work in Lebanon

Our Vision

SWorld is an online research hub initiative dedicated to preserving and documenting the history and evolution of Social Work in Lebanon. Our mission is to bridge the gap between the Social Work profession’s past and its future.

Sworld aims to understand the historical roots of Social Work in Lebanon and ensure that the valuable experiences, interventions, and lessons learned by Social Workers in the country are not forgotten. Social Work profession in Lebanon has a rich history deeply rooted in principles of justice and human rights that have evolved significantly overtime. Our work aims to redirect this evolution towards influencing social policies, addressing complex societal problems and contribute to systemic change through research and documentations, networking/knowledge sharing, and capacity-building.

Our Mission

World aims to archive and preserve the history and evolution of social work in Lebanon by creating a comprehensive E-Library Website (The Social Work e-library archive) that will be available in three languages (Arabic/ French/ English).

It aims to make Social Work historical research and knowledge archived and available to the social worker researchers, practitioners and students, civil society organizations, policymakers, and the general public. It also aims to increase collaboration among them as well as to strengthen the ability (capacity and skills) of diverse actors in the field of Social Work. Thus, aiming to redirect the Social Work practice in Lebanon and encourage its contribution to social and public policy making.

Our Story

Empowering Individuals and Communities Through Research and Education

SWorld was founded with a mission to bridge the historical gap in understanding Social Work in Lebanon, driven by the profound disruptions caused by the Lebanese Civil War and subsequent crises.

Our purpose is to document and archive the experiences of early Social Worker pioneers/ organizations who dedicated their lives to making a difference, so that their invaluable legacy and lessons endure.

By preserving these historical narratives, we aim to illuminate the path forward for future social work practices and policies, not only in Lebanon but also beyond. SWorld serves as a dedicated research and resource center, committed to exploring the rich history of Social Work in Lebanon and equipping practitioners with the knowledge and skills to better serve their communities, paying homage to those who laid the foundation for our field and left an indelible mark on society.

Social Work Archive

Digital archive dedicated to documenting and preserving the history and evolution of Social Work in Lebanon. Our mission is to ensure that the invaluable records and knowledge of this field are not only safeguarded but also made readily accessible to a global audience. Through the power of the digital platform, we aim to facilitate knowledge sharing and information dissemination on a worldwide scale.

Explore the profound contributions of social workers in Lebanon and honor the dedicated professionals who have tirelessly worked to uplift and empower those in need. Together, let's ensure that the remarkable history of social work in Lebanon continues to inspire and inform future generations.

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