Our Team at Sworld

At Sworld, our staff is composed of emerging and established professionals dedicated to the field of social work. We are actively building a diverse and expert team committed to making a meaningful impact. Our structure includes a:

- Board of Advisors
- An Executive Team
- A Program Teams

We also foster collaboration through
- Stakeholder Engagement Groups
- Ambassadors Program

If you are passionate about Social Work and interested in joining our team, please contact us at [email protected] to explore how you can contribute to our mission.

Our Team at Sworld

Meet Our Team and Contributors

Experts in Social Work and Research
Aimee Ghanem
Sworld Founder

Hyam Kahi
Leading Researcher on Social Work Archive
Areej Azzam
Program Support Coordinator
Professor Hannah Reich
Lisa Mends
Dr. Rania Mansour