Mentorship and Coaching

Enhancing Research and Professional Growth

At Sworld, we believe in the power of mentorship and coaching to share knowledge from the field of social work.

We also offer a networking program that links individuals with universities, institutions, research centers, and NGOs to foster collaboration and expand research opportunities.

Mentorship and Coaching

Our Approach

A Personalized Approach to Mentorship and Coaching

Guiding You to Success

At Sworld, we provide a personalized approach to mentorship and coaching. Social work pioneers works closely with the new generation of social workers to identify their needs, and provide tailored guidance and support.

Our Consultancy Services

Expert Consultancy Services for Various Research Topics

Advancing Your Research

At Sworld, we offer expert consultancy services for individuals and organizations across various research topics.

Our team of consultants has extensive experience and knowledge in their respective fields and can provide valuable insights, expertise, and support to advance your research. We offer both one-time consultations and ongoing support to meet your needs.

Our Networking Program

A network and communication platform

Facilitating the continuous communication, collaboration, and the sharing of information and resources amongst its members

Creation of a Professional Social Work Network: Creating a network of Social Workers and organizations dedicated to sharing and exchanging data related to Social Work history.

Conducting Intercultural/Intergenerational Dialogue: Promoting understanding and cooperation between different generational group of Social Workers (Pioneers and Junior Social Workers) aiming to bridge the gap among these generations and transmit the field experience. This will be in a Podcast format.

Conducting round table discussions: Promoting dialogue among different stakeholders/ actors in the field aiming to rethink the Social Work profession in the current circumstances and reorganizing the efforts towards changes at social policy levels. (filmed and disseminated on social media channels)